Junko Onishi 4DAYS

Junko Onishi 4DAYS will be back this year again.
Junko Onishi Trio has released two albums simultaneously last year, and their tour resulted in great success.
Onishi will present a TRIO performance with Yosuke Inoue (b) and Shinnosuke Takahashi (ds) whom she put her trust.
Meanwhile, she has recorded a new sextet album (to be released in this autumn) with Miki Hirose (tp, flh), Yuzo Kataoka (tb), and Akihiro Yoshimoto (ts, fl) in addition to her trio members Yosuke Inoue (b) and Shinnosuke Takahashi (ds).
Her sextet appeared at the Pit Inn last year with the same members, and did the recordings soon after the show.
All the tracks in this album are much-anticipated original pieces newly written for this sextet, which her sextet members are all thrilled about.
You will be able to listen to these new pieces at this SEXTET concert.
Don't miss Junko Onishi 4DAYS!

Junko Onishi 4DAYS
5,000 yen + tax
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11 AM on October 7, Sunday (we accept reservations).

Nov. 22 & 23

Junko Onishi (p), Yosuke Inoue (b), Shinnosuke Takahashi (ds)

Nov. 24 & 25
Junko Onishi (p), Miki Hirose (tp, flh), Yuzo Kataoka (tb), Akihiro Yoshimoto (ts, fl), Yosuke Inoue (b), Shinnosuke Takahashi (ds)

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