Toshiyuki Honda 3DAYS 2018

We are having our 3DAYS event this year again. We are very excited!

Oct. 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun)

The first two days will feature a piano sextet with my lifework saxophone quintet and a piano, to present a sextet concert on each day. This time, my favorite great musicians will come to join me again, and this is the first time that these six musicians play together. Shinichiro Hikosaka has been one of the most respectable friends of mine and also a core musician of the well-known Trouvere Quartet. Takamasa Matsubara and Shiro Hatae will join us with their love and passion from the Quartet Spiritus. Masanori Oishi has been actively performing on a global basis after playing as a member of The Blue Aurora Saxophone Quartet, a group of exceptional talents, so often is out of contact. But these extraordinary busy musicians will get together here as a miraculous special saxophone quintet that is only possible at the Pit Inn! And Naomi Honda, who is impeccable for this ensemble, will take her usual place to support the perfect rhythm section. Furthermore, we will try completely different programs on the two days. What a challenge!? Perhaps we will go back all the way to Trouvere Quartet's 'Innocent Dolls', and then will move to HIGH FIVE, Family Game, GREETINGS, and DINOSAX in the end. (The actual set programs are not decided yet at this point.) We will present the entire beauty of a saxophone ensemble. Don't miss!

Oct. 22 (Mon)

On the third day, we will feature our special quartet at the full blast! All the members are the great jazz masters I respect most. I met Takeo Moriyama at the legendary session of Maki Asakawa, which was shockingly radical. Since then, Mr. Moriyama and I have been playing together in various sessions. He has a monstrous power of drumming! It was when I was in my teens that I played with Mitsuaki Furuno and George Ohtsuka's group for the first time, and since then, I have been having a great pleasure to play with Mr. Duruno, a living legend, in the late Motohiko Hino's group and Takehiro Honda's Super Quartet. It was around the era of KYLYN BAND when I first played with Kazumi Watanabe. I was physically and mentally well trained in his band. Also, I had the honor to have him as a special guest for my new album 'Best Answer/Toshiyuki Honda BW4 meets Kazumi Watanabe - Live at Shinjuku PIT INNf that was released from the Pit Inn label this year. His guitar performance was truly stunning in this album! Well, don't miss this rare opportunity to experience the explosive sounds of the special quartet of these amazing jazz greats!

We will be on fire for the three days!
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Pit Inn.

- Toshiyuki Honda

Toshiyuki Honda 3DAYS 2018

Oct. 20 (Sat), 21 (Sun), 22 (Mon)
Evening Show:? Open 19:30 / Start 20:00

*Both advance ticket and same-day ticket are 4,000 yen + tax (one drink included)
*Advance tickets will start selling at the Shinjuku Pit Inn at 11 AM on September 2, Sunday.

Oct. 20 (Sat)
Toshiyuki Honda featuring Special Saxophone Quintet & Piano - Face 1

Toshiyuki Honda (as, ss), Takamasa Matsubara (as, ss), Shinichiro Hikosaka (as), Shiro Hatae (ts), Masanori Oishi (bs), Naomi Honda (p)

Oct. 21 (Sun)
Toshiyuki Honda featuring Special Saxophone Quintet & Piano - Face 2

Toshiyuki Honda (as, ss), Takamasa Matsubara (as, ss), Shinichiro Hikosaka (as), Shiro Hatae (ts), Masanori Oishi (bs), Naomi Honda (p)

Oct. 22 (Mon)
Toshiyuki Honda Special Quartet

Toshiyuki Honda (as, ss), Kazumi Watanabe (g), Mitsuaki Furuno (b), Takeo Moriyama (ds)

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