Hugo Fattoruso is a pianist from Uruguay, which is located in the eastern part of South America between Brazil and Argentina. I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that he is currently one of the leading musicians in South America. I have been interested in his activities in various music scenes since my youth. And coincidentally in 1986, when Hugo came to Japan with a band of Djavan (Brazilian singer]songwriter), he called me up and told me that he wants to hand me a gift from a Brazilian singer]songwriter Joyce. I was deeply touched when Hugo brought me Brazilian percussion 'berimbau' which was not easy to carry around - to a Japanese percussionist whom he had never met before. That memory is a treasure for me. It has been 31 years since I first met Hugo, and also it has been 11 years since Hugo and I formed a duo unit. We have released three CDs already, and we deeply appreciate everyone in the audience and the Pit Inn, for your kind support. Thanks to you all, we are able to go on a nationwide tour, with the Shinjuku Pit Inn as our base.
Hugo and I sincerely hope to communicate with you through our sounds. Looking forward to seeing you all at Pit Inn.

- Tomohiro Yahiro


October 6th(fri) @open 19:30/ start 20:00
advance ticket 3,800+tax yen /ticket on the day 4,300+tax yen
Hugo Fattoruso(P,Vo,Acco)Tomohiro Yahiro(Per)
** advance tickets are selling now at Pit Inn Shinjuku (reservation is available.)
(The advance ticket has a serial number for prior entry when the doors open.)

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