Masayasu Tsuboguchi 3DAYS

This year 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of my debut at the Pit Inn, since it was 1989 when I performed in the morning show at the former Shinjuku Pit Inn for the first time. Starting in the morning show of the weekdays, moving to the morning shows of the weekends, then to the evening shows, I moved up the stairs one step at a time without skipping a grade, just like the sumo rankings. There was the time when I shifted to the Roppongi Pit Inn for a while in the 2000s, but my home ground was always Shibjuku Pit Inn where I was able to try something new with a free spirit, or to continue something I believed, in the special atmosphere that was intense and relaxing at the same time - as if I were embraced by a smile of the God of jazz.
I started a streaming service of my past 18 albums that I released under my own name since last December. I did interview at that time, too, but I once again realized that my music is deeply rooted in all the music and musicians I have ever encountered here at the Shinjuku Pit Inn.

Well, I am honored to be able to have my 3DAYS concerts this year again. The opening day will feature a simple piano trio. I named this trio after my remix album I released in 2006. Although I was focused on the contemporary works after the 21st century until last year, I would like to get rid of the restriction and am hoping to play the music more freely.

On the second day, we will feature my new unit Ortance that was formed here at the Pit Inn just one year ago. With two young up-and-coming non-jazz musicians, I would like to make a new departure of human-powered techno and mixture, but to my surprise, this might be closer to the classical music and bebop that were the very roots of my music. We went to a studio to record an album at the end of last year and are currently working on the postproduction of the first album to put it out the early summer! We will be able to share the newest ideas of our band with you at this opportunity.

On the third day, we will feature Tokyo Zawinul Bach, which I started with Naruyoshi Kikuchi here at the Pit Inn in 1999. So we are having the 20th anniversary of the band's formation! In recent years, we have been playing in a different form of ensemble, but we transformed the automatic generating rhythm driven by the sequential software into a complete human-powered performance, and hope you will enjoy our polyrhythmic beats and real-time direction.

We are not planning to do anything special on the occasion of the 30th or 20th anniversary, but are going to present "what we feel fresh now" on stage. I bet it would be more heartfelt performances ever.

Masayasu Tsuboguchi 3DAYS 

March 26 (Tue), 27 (Wed), 28 (Thurs) 3,000 yen + tax

March 26 (Tue):? Radio-Acoustique
Masayasu Tsuboguchi (p), Akiyoshi Shimizu (b), Kazuaki Yokoyama (ds)

March 27 (Wed):? Ortance
Masayasu Tsuboguchi (syn, p), Shuta Nishida (g, efx), Kazuya Ooi (ds)

March 28 (Thrus):? Tokyo Zawinul Bach - Special
Masayasu Tsuboguchi (key), Shinpei Ruike (tp), David Negrete (as, fl)
Yosuke Miyajima (g), Ryoji Orihara (fretless bass), Masato Mori (ds)

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