On February 2, 3 and 4, Shinjuku Pit Inn will present an anniversary live of BETTER DAYS label, an avant-garde pop label which has been releasing various crossover music albums beyond genre as a pioneer, incorporating jazz, rock, classical music and folk music from 1977 to 1984. In 1978, the label released 'Thousand Knives', a solo debut album of Ryuichi Sakamoto whose band YMO has soon become a smash hit worldwide. Also, the label produced many great artists including Kazumi Watanabe, KYLYN, Mariah and Yasuaki Shimizu who are well known as forerunners of crossover musicians in Japan. After 40 years since its foundation, BETTER DAYS label has recently been reassessed in the club music scene domestically and internationally due to its free-spirited, avant-garde alternative sounds. We will present 2DAYS event featuring artists who has been deeply associated with the label since the 70's.


Feb 3rd(sat) 4th(sun) open19:30 start20:00
*advance ticket 4,000+tax yen /ticket on the day 4,500+tax yen
** advance tickets are selling at Pit Inn Shinjuku (reservation is available.) and at Ticket Pia. The advance ticket has an order number for priority entrance at the opening.

3rd Shigeharu Mukai Session Shigeharu Mukai(Tb)Tomomi Fukui(P)Mitsuaki Furuno(B)Yoshihito Eto(Ds)
Eri Ohno Good Question Eri Ohno(Vo)Toshiyuki Daitoku(P,Key)Ryo Ogihara(G)Gregg Lee(B)Akira Yamada(Ds)Hisatsugu Suzuki(Sax)
3Special guest:Toshiyuki Honda(Sax)

4th Yasuaki Shimizu & Saxophonettes
Yasuaki Shimizu(Ts,Vo,Key,Perc,wind controller,radio)Ryoko Egawa(Ts,Ss) Hirokazu Hayashida(Ts,Ss)Ryota Higashi(Bs)Hiroshi Suzuki(Bs,Ts)

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