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Daytime Show OPEN 2:00PM
START 2:30 - 5:00PM
1,300+tax yen (1 drink included)
2,500+tax yen〜
(Sat, Sun, National Holidays)
Evening Show OPEN 7:30PM
3,000 yen〜 (1 drink included)
Some shows may start at 19:30, opening the doors at 19:00. Will be mentioned in the schedule page.
Telephone reservations can be made at 03-3354-2024.
About Rental Hall
Available at 12:00PM - 5:00PM
80,000 yen (Weekdays)
140,000 yen (Sat, Sun, National Holidays) (PA lightings and piano rental fee are all included.)
Discount is available for rehearsal and demo-tape recordings purpose.
Ask the club about the details.
About E-mail Reservation
As well as telephone, you can make reservations by e-mail at:

Reservations and the change of number of people are closed at 11PM on the previous day. Priority entrance for people who made reservations.
For whom made reservations, we will send a confirmation e-mail. If you don't receive the confirmation, please contact us at the club.

2-12-4 ACCORD BLDG. B1
Shinjuku shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 〒160-0022
About Iwahara Pit Inn
@ Iwahara Kogen (plateau), Yuzawa-cho, Niigata-ken

Iwahara Pit Inn is our multiple recreational facilities with natural hot spring, hotel, restaurant, bar, event and concert space. Our staff's wish is to have our customers enjoy a truly relaxing time.

Dairo Suga

For this year's special concert series, I will present various different projects on four days. On 7th the opening night, we will have Hiroki Chiba on bass and Sounosuke Imaizumi on drums in a simple formation, and will have TOKU on flugelhorn in the last part. On 8th the second night, we will have a hot session with Mariko Goto and Tatsuya Yoshida on drums. On 9th, around the time we will be toasted until golden, we will go back a simple menu with Dairo Suga's solo, which  will be fresh and tasty. We will sprinkle some guest performers on the night, too. On 10th the closing night, we will present Dai Gunjo's hotch-potch session. We will just mix various ingredients in the pot, from Japanese traditional instruments like samisen and Satsuma Biwa to Western instruments like saxophone and bass, and perhaps a lion dance (Shishimai), too? The double-broth soup with drums and Japanese drum will stimulate your appetite. By adding a yin-yang master as a secret ingredient, the hodgepodge is ready in mahogany color. When we invite our close friends to the feast around the table, we will see a tasteful thin line of purplish cloud over our heads

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2-12-4 ACCORD BLDG. B1
Shinjuku shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN
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